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Terms & Conditions

Spa Membership Terms & Conditions

The member will accept and be bound by the Terms and Conditions relating to the membership of the Spa. The purpose of the terms and conditions is to ensure the wellbeing and enjoyment of all members as well as hotel guests and patrons.

Section 1 — General Information

A. Membership, must be the legal age of 18 years with SA national ID or passport copy as proof of age. Spa membership does NOT grant access to the hotel fitness facilities and related services. Membership benefits are limited to the expiry date on the membership card, and may be amended or revoked at the sole discretion of Four Season Hotel The Westcliff.

B. Medical Examination, spa Members are advised to undergo a medical examination at their own cost prior to booking and undergoing any spa treatment. It is the responsibility of each member or/and spa user to consult medical advice, in order to ensure that treatment and products chosen by the member or patron are compatible with their unique individual health and physiological condition.

C. Cancelling Treatments. Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff reserves the right to stop or cancel any treatment of a member when it is considered to become a risk to
the member’s well being and safety.

D. Accidents & Result Injuries, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff is not responsible for any accidents, resulting injury, illness and or mental impairment of any Member, caused or aggravated by, any prior injury or illness of the Member, whether known or unknown, through the use of the facilities.

E. The Members will comply with any reasonable request from Four
Seasons Hotel The Westcliff to ensure the smooth operation of the Spa, hotel and various outlets.

F. The Members are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner respecting the comfort, dignity and rights of fellow members and all hotel staff.

G. Cancellation of Membership, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff reserves the right to cancel a membership at its sole discretion at any time without notice. The grounds for
the cancellation may include, but not be limited to, violations of the pre-set terms and conditions of membership

H. Operational changes, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff;
1. Reserves the right to change the operational times of the Spa including and not limited to the repair and maintenance programs of the facilities at any time without notice.
2. Reserves the right to close specific services, facilities or any part of them at any time for any purpose without notice.

I. Unavailability of Services & Facilities, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff is
not responsible for unavailability of services, facilities and or equipment for whatever reason.

J. Personal Belongings, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff is not responsible
for any loss or theft occurred within the premises of the Spa. Members are encouraged to safeguard their
personal belongings in their selected lockers and to ensure that their locker is properly locked. The storage of items of any value in the locker will be considered at members owns risk.

K. Damage & Cost, Members are responsible for any damage they or family members cause to the property and or equipment of the Spa, as well as any injuries to 3rd parties.

Section 2— Spa Usage

A. Hotel Guests are entitled to use the facilities of the Spa without being a spa member, according to Four Seasons Hotel Westcliff operating guidelines as updated from time to time.

B. Members’ identification Card
Spa or fitness membership card’s validity is subject to terms and conditions as amended from time to time. As such, section of the spa website will indicate prevailing rules, guidelines, terms and conditions as most recently updated. The membership card remains the property of Four Seasons Hotels (or its affiliates), who may amend and/or revoke membership benefits, spa access, or privileges at their sole discretion. It is mandatory that the Member’s Identification Card be presented to the Spa Reception upon arrival and to be collected upon departure. It is understood that the membership card is non-transferable and
cannot be used by anyone other than the name holder of the card. Official identification will be required for any transaction at reception.
The loss of a membership card needs to be communicated immediately to the Spa for annulation and future replacement.

C. Age Restrictions – Children below the age of 18 are not authorised to be members of the spa. Children from 16 years of age can access the spa however only when accompanied by their parents at all times including during treatments, and during any usage of the facilities. Parents are responsible for their individual safety, and conduct of behaviour in the Spa. Age restrictions are set for each area, and each treatment for safety reasons, and to preserve the serenity of the spa environment for members, hotel guests and spa patrons.
Only members 18 years old and above are allowed to have body treatments.

2. Female & Male Locker — members 18 years old and above are
allowed to use this facility only when a paid treatment is reserved.

3. Pools and Apres Spa relaxation area
It is imperative for all members and Hotel Guests to know that lifeguards are not available at the pools. Spa members are only authorised to use the pools in conjunction with a paid treatment booked, and for a duration not exceeding 1hr prior and 1hr after the treatment.

F. Nanny Policy, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff refuses admission of domestic helpers in the Spa, pools, and all indoor and outdoor relaxation areas.

G. Dress Code, for safety and hygiene reasons, when using any of
the Spa facilities, the Members must be respectably and appropriately dressed otherwise admission may be refused. Correct and proper swimwear must be worn at all times when using the Spa water and locker room facilities as well as the pools.

H. Spa Etiquette, the Members are respectfully requested to keep noise to a very low level. Members should refrain from engaging in conversations in relaxation areas as they might disturb other users. Members should not use the following equipments such as; phones, radios and other musical equipments in the Spa especially in the relaxation areas. Smoking is strictly forbidden anywhere in the Spa. Photographic equipment including the use of cellphones cameras are strictly prohibited.

I. Bookings Procedure, Advance bookings are required for Spa Treatments and subject to cancellation fees.

J. Car Parking, Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff reserves the right to request members to park outside of the Four Seasons if necessary.

B. The Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable

1. Four Seasons does not allow for membership suspension nor holding the membership and moving the expiration date.

2. Four Seasons does not allow for membership extension.

C. Discounts offered may be changed or
withdrawn at any time, all discounts are subject to occasional black out dates. All public holidays are excluded from any discount benefits, unless specifically communicated in advance to members.

D. Renewal of the Membership will be at the sole discretion of Four Seasons Hotel The Westcliff.

I confirm that I have read the Terms and Conditions of the Four Seasons Spa Westcliff and I agree to abide by them.

* Spa membership only available to South African permanent residents.

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