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Using the world’s most advanced phyto technology, Terres d’Afrique organic skincare is inspired by the traditional use of African plants. It takes its name from Africa and its efficacy from the unique properties of the soil of this untamed continent. It provides a holistic approach to spa treatments; an awakening of your body’s senses, combined with deep relaxation to help you leave the world behind. A balance of mental and physical that reconnects your soul with nature. Welcome to a time and space in harmony with nature.


French Luxury skincare brand, Biologique Recherche is based on 40 years of unique expertise in exceptional customised beauty care. The product line combines high concentrations of botanical, marine and biological extracts with meticulous treatment protocols and procedures. The philosophy is to treat each skin uniquely, given that it changes many times even within any given day. The approach observes the epidermis and how it interfaces with the skin’s deeper structure. Biologique Recherche has an international reputation for astounding effectiveness, and now chose to debut in South Africa at the Four Seasons Spa Westcliff.


Omorovicza has a unique heritage and a compelling history dating back almost 2000 years to the birth of the ancient thermal springs of the Hungarian capital – Budapest. The international spa city. The secret lies in the unique geological features of the region. Here the earth’s crust is thinner, so waters absorb beneficial minerals more effectively as they journey to the surface.

Omorovicza chose to debut in South Africa at the Four Seasons Spa Westcliff.

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